Siberian Mink fur – Experienced Lash Technician Level

Natural Fibre – Not Man Made Synthetic (cruelty free, hygienically cleaned, sized and coloured)

Comes in different curls and lengths

Feels and looks like a natural lash

No stress to natural lash


Natural looking

Doesn’t come in different thicknesses

Able to utilise every Lash

Grafted individually

Not limited in Length

Less damage to Natural Lash

Feels like a Natural Lash


Refills required less often compared to Synthetic Lashes


No limit to length – up to 17mm

Able to use all natural lashes approx  80-100 per eye

Can load up to 2-3 extensions to natural lash for volume & thickness

Lasts longer than Synthetics or Silks

Refills approx. 3-5 weeks