Volume Lashes are able to be integrated with existing lash extensions – as a refill option.
You can have your existing extensions removed (no charge) for those wanting the results straight away.
Here are the different services so please select the correct service when you book on-line to allow the correct time.

Full Sets

1/2D Volume – 2 hrs
2/3/4D Volume – 2 & half hrs
5/6/7D Volume – from 3 hrs

Refills Volume Lashes

Light Refill – 1/2D 1 & half hrs
Med Refill – 3/4/5D 2 hrs
Full Volume refill 5/6/7D 2 & half hrs

Volume 2D-7D lashes are the latest in Advanced Lash Techniques lasting twice as long as “classic” lash extensions due to the way they are applied and the amount of lashes used. However, the longest lash you can apply is up to 12mm -although we can use fur on some of your natural lashes for those clients still wanting the longer lashes.

Volume 2D-7D lashes create the fullest but lightest lash sets using .07 and .10mm extensions. Applying 300-600 lashes per eye that truly lasts for weeks! This technique will give you the fuller, fluffier eyelashes. Suitable for everybody, 7D eyelash extensions can cover all your natural lashes for a full thick look.

3D Russian Volume Lashes – High Level Experience Lash Technician (Extensive Training)

Super fine Silk lashes .07mm or .10mm

200-700 lashes per eye

Able to use all natural lashes

Lasts twice as long as classics

Able to achieve fuller Volume – compared to classic lash fibres

Different lash application/technique compared to classics

Apply as close as possible to lash line

Lashes fanned evenly

Lash fans must be even at base

Alter thickness to suit client’s natural lashes

Minimal adhesive to ensure fans don’t collapse

Isolation of all baby lashes –cross checked