Why Would Anyone Get an Eyelash Lift?

Curled eyelashes look longer than very straight ones. Lifting lashes at the lashline gives you thicker, longer-looking lashes.

No longer needing to manually use a lash curler every day, lash lift procedure performed by a trained technician can achieve these desired results from 8-10 weeks!

How Do Eyelash Lifts Work?
Natural lashes are coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around a silicon roller which comes in different sizes to achieve tight curls or quite lose ones (depending on the length of your own lashes) This holds them in the curled position that you’re hoping to achieve. Your eyes are kept closed during the application while the esthetician applies the lash lift solution to your lashes.

What Are the Results of an Eyelash Lift?
The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from eight weeks to three months. As your lashes grow and fall out (the life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days), the effects become less noticeable.

  • – Silicon Technology moulds to any Eye Shape
  • – Enhances lashes lifting right from the root
  • – Eliminates over curling during Treatment
  • – Creates the illusion of lash lengthening
  • – Easy to use lasting approx 10-12 weeks
  • – Natural looking – Opens up the eyes
  • – Used to straighten or curl eyelashes
  • – Suitable for short and long lashes
  • – Perfect results every time